Photos of our team members coming soon!

Meet Bambi

Bambi was originally a Smiths ice cream van from around 1965 and has

 since been fitted with a replacement cab, changing from a Bedford CA to 

a 1991 Ford Transit. The last owner did an initial renovation but we have

 changed her a fair bit since :D

Bambi as of Nov 23...still in the middle of a makeover!

 Meet Angelica

Tearoom Bambi started as an idea in the Winter of 2021. She has been working 

as a freelance translator and was an airwoman in the RAF before that 

so it’s quite a career change but she’s always enjoyed baking and it was always 

a pleasure to make her friends and family smile with her creative bakes 

so she thought it would be even better if she could do that as a job!

Her past creations can be seen in her Instagram page 

Angelica is made of sugar and spice and all things nice :)


 Meet Matias

Matias is a self-taught mechanic, electrician and DIY expert (well, almost!)

so he looks after Bambi and is doing a very good job

Being brought up with Angelica's sweet treats

he has the biggest sweet tooth in the country!

Matias is made of sugar and spice and all things nice, too :)

Claus Alois and Célian

Claus, Alois and Célian are our food tasters

They work hard to make sure that Angelica's crépes are of high standards

They won't be at our events unfortunately but we are often in town 

so feel free to come say hello if you see us ;)

Claus, Alois and Célian are made of 100% cuteness